SALTO Neoxx G3 Electronic Padlock :: The ultimate electronic padlock solution

SALTO Neoxx G3 electronic padlock is the most advanced and versatile locking system suitable for a wide range of applications.

Designed with exceptional attention to detail, this electronic padlock offers ...
unbeatable durability and reliability, ensuring that property and valuables are always kept safe and secure.

Featuring a special armoured case with a double-layered structure, the SALTO Neoxx G3 electronic padlock provides unbeatable protection against falls, shocks, and even the harshest environments or usage.

As for innovation, the SALTO Neoxx G3 integrates RFID, Bluetooth LE, and NFC technologies to provide the ultimate keyless experience and most advanced electronic locking system available. In addition, the Neoxx G3 electronic padlock features SALTO SVN data-on-card and BLUEnet wireless network capable core technologies onboard. Thanks to BLUEnet wireless advanced capabilities, the padlock can read, receive, and write information via a smart card or real-time communications over the air (OTA).

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